Muriel Moons, Priscilla Quix, Natacha Michiels

TRIPLE SYNERGY : 3 EXPERIENCES, 3 ENERGIES and 3 NETWORKS Priscilla Quix , Natacha Michiels and Muriel Moons - Directors

OOSTENS & QUIX and Immo IDS, the rule of 3 for a new female real estate dynamic, as proposed by Priscilla Quix , Natacha Michiels and Muriel Moons . It's the coming together of 3 experiences, 3 energies and 3 networks. It's a complementary combination whose synergies offer added value to customers who want to be informed and advised in complete confidence.

It resides as much in our DNA as in our respective networks and the privileged contacts that each maintains with its customers. Basically, the merger of our 3 career paths means that we can now pool our extensive experience and provide high-quality, personalised services at every stage of a transaction.

Whether it's property searches, qualified valuations, advice backed up by legal and administrative skills or support, we work in confidence and over the long term with our clients - owners, buyers and investors - to whom we also offer exclusive and discreet Off Market properties.

Our long-term aim is to expand our 3 networks in line with the professional ethics to which we have always been committed.


What really matters is the team! It's the synergy of our (long) years of experience, skills and networks capable of meeting most of the demands of a market that now covers Brussels and its southern hinterland (Rhode-Saint-Genèse, Linkebeek, Beersel) and beyond Waterloo, Braine l'Alleud, Lasne...

As for our portfolio, which is now shared by all, it includes a wide range of properties, from flats and small houses to prestigious estates. It can meet the needs of a couple moving from a large property to a flat, or vice versa.

The team also offers the advantage of a continuous exchange of information, which our customers benefit from.

Putting your property up for sale or rent with Oostens & Quix guarantees you professional, honest and efficient work backed up by personalised advice.
Results, service and trust are our priorities as we support you in your real estate projects.


Priscilla Quix

Priscilla Quix

  •  +32 476 26 52 71
  •  priscilla@immobiliereoostens.be

In 2011, Priscilla Quix took over the family agency originally founded by Yolande Oostens. after several years' experience in office real estate (Catella Codemer).

In 2015, together with Natacha Michiels, IDS Agency Administrator, they established a collaboration that led to the pooling of their respective portfolios and extended market coverage.

Muriel Moons

Muriel Moons

  •  +32 472 76 24 92
  •  muriel@immobiliereoostens.be

In 2023, Muriel Moons joins the team, bringing her own network.

She has more than 25 years' brokerage experience on the southern outskirts of Brussels, including a number of positions of responsibility, such as: director of the Trevi Sud agency, sales department manager at Immo Boulanger, and in recent years director of the Mexx International agency.